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Ocean County Mall's most eligible bachelor

and local rock god

We Heart Justin
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Ladies, I'd like you to meet my friend Justin. He is Ocean County Mall's most eligible bachelor. Newly single... and on the prowl. This boy is, hands down, the greatest guy I girl could ask for and this is your chance to see for yourself.

This community is not for Justin, oh no no no, this community is for all of you out there who are only lucky enough to live on the same planet as Justin. This community is here to give you the opportuinty to be in the presence of a gentlemen so great that Club Libby Lu and Comcast are willing to back such a venture.
(and ofcourse by Club Libby Lu and Comcast I mean Jenn GW, Crystal and Maris)

Here's how it works: You join this community and then post a picture, a little about yourself and why you feel you deserve to win a date with Justin, or instead of why you deserve a date, what you'd be willing to do for a date with Justin (publicly embarrassing yourself in center court of the Ocean County mall is always a nice way to go).

And one more thing... Justin is a bass player, as he assured me today that what they say about bass players (and their fingers) is true.

If you don't have a LiveJournal and would like to enter this contest, you are SHIT OUT OF LUCK baby. Get a fucking LJ, be cool like us.